Showing appreciation to educators—enter to win a new lounge!

Teacher Appreciation Week is a celebration of the hardworking educators across the country. ConexED is extending our appreciation by offering two schools/campus departments the chance to win a teacher lounge makeover. We value the dedicated educators across the nation who are continually providing student support and success. Join us and nominate your school or campus department today!

Teacher appreciation — honoring educators in 2021

2020 has been one of the hardest years for teachers worldwide. With nationwide shut downs, classes being canceled and eventually moving online, educators have been challenged to provide support to students joining in-person and remotely. With Teacher Appreciation Week approaching on May 3-7, ConexED is showing our appreciation to the hardworking educators around the country.

According to Teach For America,

students are feeling more vulnerable and teachers are being exposed to more of their struggles, resulting in teachers feeling more stressed and fatigued. The pressure of trying to learn new systems and adapt to virtual instruction has taken educators’ precious time from actually educating their students. How do you relieve the stress, fatigue, and learning curve with technology to help students succeed? What can students do for their teachers and professors when everything is still virtual?

The pandemic has forced teachers and professors to rethink and reinvent the way they do their jobs. Educators have had to adapt and find innovative ways to ensure students understand the curriculum in addition to keeping students engaged online. “I want parents [to know] that I am doing the best I can. There is a lot of stress, it’s hard to show parents how their child is progressing efficiently, but with this [LMS system], it’s just tough,” says Michelle Webster.

Why supporting educators matters

“I have been working non-stop to make sure that my students are on track and able to learn the materials that I am teaching,” says Webster, a 30-year experience school speech therapist in Utah.

“I have been working non-stop to make sure that my students are on track and being able to learn the materials that I am teaching,”

“I make sure that every student, in-person and virtual, are all on the same page,” explains Webster. “If I have to do more presentations or to make sure that my videos are longer, I am going to do it to ensure that they understand what is going on.” According to an article by Iowa State University, virtual classrooms and meetings have skyrocketed 1,781%. Having to adapt and navigate on their own in a short amount of time, teachers and professors are taking on the pressure of finding new ways to engage students.

How ConexED supports educators

Educators have had to learn multiple technology platforms to ensure students’ success. Each school may have multiple platforms for interacting with different departments, creating redundancy and confusion.

ConexED offers a comprehensive browser-based platform that supports all departments and educators. By providing one system that allows you to schedule, support in-person and virtual classrooms and meetings, and provide robust reporting, ConexED reduces time and stress allowing educators and administrators to focus on what really matters—helping students.

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