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Troubleshooting Steps

Before submitting a ticket, check these common troubleshooting steps. These are basic steps for troubleshooting most scenarios where you are experiencing a disruption with a feature in ConexED, including connection errors, login issues, a song stuck in your head, webcam connections, or just any button that doesn’t work the way you might expect.

Please be certain that your browser is on the latest version. Most browsers will update automatically, but new versions are released quite frequently, and not all updates are automatic. Additionally, some older devices and operating systems may not update to a current version.

Supported browsers allow customized settings for individual websites. Please ensure that Webcam, Microphone, Audio, Popups, Screen Sharing, and Javascript are all allowed on the Cranium Cafe Site.

Each browser has a different process for clearing the Cache, so you see the most current content on the screen. Here we have included guides for Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

ConexED does not have any advertisements placed on our site and should be marked as Safe for Antivirus programs and exempt for AdBlockers.

Many issues can occur when your internet speed is slow, caused by network disruptions from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Please run a speed test to verify that your speeds are adequate enough to support HD video streams, around 10+Mbps. If your speeds are seeing a delay, please reach out to your ISP for assistance and troubleshooting.

A VPN is an encryption tool that helps conceal information from potential security threats. However, ConexED is already encrypted and secure, so the extra level of encryption causes errors while connecting. Please disable this tool if you are experiencing connectivity issues with our site.

Using another up to date web browser can help identify what may be causing the issue you are experiencing. Please log in with a different browser and retry the action you are experiencing trouble with.

In some situations, the best method for testing unusual behavior is to try a different computer. This ensures that your device does not have an unusual setting or program that is causing a disruption. This is usually a last resort test for behaviors that only affect one person. 

If you still experience an issue after working with the suggested troubleshooting steps, please submit a Support Ticket and we can look into this with you. 

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