Schedule an Appointment

ConexED allows students to self-schedule appointments when staff members have this feature enabled. The scheduler may be accessible by a direct link on the staff member’s or college’s website, or it may be accessed via the Schedule Meeting button on the staff member’s ConexED Card as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 Schedule Meeting Button on ConexED Card
  1. Click the Schedule Meeting button.
  2. On the scheduling form that opens, select a meeting location, reason, date, and time as shown in Figure 2. You may also be required to select the appropriate staff member. Sometimes the availability of all staff members will be given on the scheduler. You will see the name of the staff member underneath the time slot options.
Figure 2 Example Scheduler
Figure 3 shows the scheduler with Show More clicked and the staff profile that appears when you hover over the staff member’s name. Figure 3 All Time Slots and Staff Profile After you select the time slot, an Intake Form will appear if the staff member has that option enabled. The Intake Form allows you to enter your phone number and enable text messaging to receive an SMS reminder for this meeting. The final step is to click Schedule Appointment as shown in Figure 4. Figure 4 Intake Form with SMS Reminders Option and Schedule Appointment Button
After scheduling your meeting, you will arrive on your Upcoming Meetings page in your ConexED account as shown in Figure 5. Here, you will find the URL for the Virtual Office meeting. Five minutes before the meeting is scheduled to begin, a Join Meeting button will appear below the link. Figure 15 Upcoming Meetings
After you schedule an appointment, you will also receive a reminder email about the meeting. You can customize when you receive your meeting reminders by going to your Office Hours & Settings page in your ConexED account and selecting the time frame from the dropdown menu labeled Send Meeting Reminder as shown in Figure 6. Figure 6 Scheduler Settings: Send Meeting Reminder

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