Receive Text (SMS) Messages

To receive text messages for meeting reminders and alerts in ConexED, your Profile Settings must include your phone number and telephone carrier and have the “Send SMS Messages” box selected.

Steps for Enabling SMS Messages from ConexED

  1. Log into your ConexED platform and open your Profile Settings as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Make certain that your phone number is in the Telephone field. If the Telephone field is blank, add your phone number. When you save your changes, the number will be automatically formatted as shown in Figure 1 to have no spaces and to include the country code (e.g. +1) before the area code.
  3. Select your phone carrier from the list as shown in Figure 2.
  4. Select the box to “Send SMS Meeting Reminders? (US Text and Data Rates may apply)”.
  5. Save the changes.

Figure 1

Check Box to Send SMS Meeting Reminders and Then Save.

Figure 2

Phone Carrier Options

Remember to save the changes!

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