Access Your Meeting Archives

Archives of your meetings in ConexED are available on the Archives tab of your User Panel as shown in Figure 1. Use the search feature or filter the archives by date to locate a specific meeting or meetings. 

Figure 1

On the User Panel, click Archives.

Accessing Meeting Archives

Video Meeting Playback

Meetings that have been recorded can be played back. Press the video play button as shown in Figure 2. Figure 2 Play Button The playback opens in a new window, but please note: Meeting recordings can only played in the Chrome or Firefox browsers.  Video streams are available for those who had their video turned on as shown in Figure 3. The tools featured with the gold box next to the video streams allow you to show/hide the video tracks and show/hide the captions. The information button opens the video track legend in Figure 4. Figure 3 Archived Video Meeting Recording Figure 4 Video Track Legend

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