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Workshops are event meetings for up to 100 attendees in the virtual ConexED Classroom or more attendees if the workshop location is on-premise. On the calendar, workshops appear in the color associated with their location. The color for an on-premise (in-office) location is customized in the group settings. For example, the 3:00 p.m. meeting in Figure 1 displays an in-office location color. The color for a video workshop, like a video meeting, is orange as shown in the 7:00 p.m. workshop scheduled on the calendar in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Workshop on the ConexED Calendar

Note. The events shown on this example group calendar include an event from a calendar sync, a Busy Event, an in-office meeting that has a meeting buffer afterwards, a telephone meeting, a video meeting, and a video workshop.


Notice that in Figure 1, the moderator does not have office hours at the time of the scheduled workshop. Unlike scheduled appointments, workshops can be scheduled outside a user’s established office hours.

Some Examples of Workshops (also called “Event Meetings”)

  • Instructional webinars
  • Group advising meetings
  • Study sessions
  • Orientations
  • Course seminars
  • Probation information sessions
  • Assemblies
  • Panel presentations (up to 10 moderators at one time)
  • Department meetings

ConexED classrooms for virtual workshops are equipped with breakout rooms and polls in addition to the standard virtual meeting space tools: chat, document library, document sign, document (pdf) sharing, powerpoint conversion to pdf for sharing, screen sharing, whiteboard, and more. Workshops may also be recorded for future use and display.


Workshops are for event meetings, so the attendees will not have individual appointment details or have automatic access to the audio or video unless they are promoted to be a moderator. Do not schedule a workshop if the objective is a private one-on-one or small group meeting for 10 people or fewer.


Every staff member can create their own workshops by going to their Schedule & View Meetings page, selecting Event Meeting as shown in Figure 2, and completing the required fields and saving. Every group user with the faculty/staff role and above can also create a registration form for their own workshops. To learn more about the self-scheduling process for workshops and event registration forms, be sure to sign up for the Workshop Scheduler Specialist module course, which covers best practices for creating and managing workshops including taking attendance and adding new student accounts.

Figure 2

Calendar Method for Creating a Workshop

Front Desk agents and other group users have access to the group calendar for creating a workshop for another group user where that group user is the event owner and moderator. Similar to the Calendar Method for creating appointments that bypasses the group scheduler, the Calendar Method for creating workshops bypasses the registration form step. This method is therefore best suited for event meetings without registration forms.

Step 1. Select Day and Time

Click the calendar on the day and at the time when the workshop is to begin and drag the selection to the time it will end as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 2

Click the Calendar Where the Workshop is to be Added

Step 2. Click Create Workshop to Open Event Creation Tool

When the Event Creation dialogue box opens, click Create Workshop as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3

Click Create Workshop on the Event Creation Dialogue Box

Step 3. Create Workshop and Save

Complete the Create Workshop form and click the Create Workshop button to save it to the calendar as shown in Figure 4. The standard fields include Start Time, End Time, Time Zone, Meeting Location: Video or In-Office, Workshop Title, and Workshop Description.

Figure 4

Create Workshop


The Workshop will now be on the calendar as shown in Figure 5. Click the event to open and view the Workshop details and access the attendance list.

Figure 5

Workshop on the Calendar.

Appointment [Workshop] Details

Open the Workshop details by clicking the Workshop on the Calendar. The following information is provided as shown in Figure 6.

Appointment Info

  • Counselor/Staff Members: The scheduled moderator/facilitator for the workshop. Additional facilitators may be added in the Edit Classroom Attendance page as shown in Figure 7.
  • Appointment Location: Indicates if the location is the video classroom or the name of the specific on-premise location.
  • Scheduled Start Time: The date and time the workshop is scheduled to begin. The front desk or staff scheduler as well as the facilitator may start the meeting earlier using the Start Meeting button. Attendees may enter within 5 minutes of the scheduled or actual start time.
  • Scheduled End Time: The date and time the workshop is scheduled to end.
  • Appointment Created At: The date and time the workshop was created.
  • Event Status: If any of the 100 available seats are available.
  • Appointment Subject: The workshop description provided on the Create Workshop window.
  • Appointment Type: Indicates whether the workshop is video, telephone, or in-office.
  • Actual Start Time: The time the workshop actually begins based on when the Start Time button is clicked for an on-premise workshop or when the facilitator enters the video classroom.
  • Actual End Time: The time the workshop actually ends based on when the End Meeting button is clicked for an on-premise workshop or when the facilitator exists the video classroom.
  • Appointment Created By: The front desk, staff, or group user who scheduled the workshop appointment on the calendar.

Figure 6

Workshop Appointment Details and Edit Classroom Attendance Button

Edit Classroom Attendance

To learn about event management tools such as editing attendance for workshops, be sure to sign up for ConexED University Core Module: Workshop Scheduler Specialist. The Workshop Scheduler Specialist module covers best practices for creating and managing workshops including taking attendance and adding new student accounts.

Enter Classroom Meeting

The Enter Classroom Meeting button enables a Front Desk agent or other scheduler who is not the event moderator to enter the virtual classroom once the event has begun. Prior to a virtual event beginning, the button will route the user to the event registration page as shown in Figure 7 with the event information, a button to register, and the countdown until the event start time.

Figure 7

Classroom Registration Page

Workshop Registration Page URL

Students can self-register for a workshop on the Workshop Registration Page. Every group in ConexED has its own Workshop/Classroom listing URL, which is available in the group settings accessible to those with a Group Manager role and above in ConexED.

The template for the Workshop URL is the following:

Begin the URL with https:// and substitute “school” with your school name as it appears in your school’s craniumcafe URL and substitute “group-name” with the name of the group associated with the user who is facilitating the event. Figure 8 shows an example of the Workshop Registration page.

Figure 8

Workshop Registration Page

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