Knock on Door – Instant Chat

The ConexED Card allows you to start an instant chat with a faculty or staff member. The ConexED Card works on a mobile device, tablet, or in a computer browser window. There is nothing to install or download; however, you will be prompted to login to ConexED if you are not already logged in.

Staff members who are online and available will show an online status with a green light and a Knock on Door button as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

ConexED Card Showing an Online Staff Member

To start a chat, click the Knock on Door button. 

Figure 2


If the staff members sends an Enter Meeting button into the chat as shown in Figure 3, click the Enter Meeting button. You will arrive on the video meeting landing page that allows you to select and test your camera and microphone.

Figure 3

Enter Meeting Button

Or the staff member may transport you to a virtual lobby.


Upon entering the Virtual Lobby, you will be prompted to select a reason for your visit as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4

Select Reason

If other guests are in the lobby, you will be listed in the order of arrival with the first to arrive at the top of the guest list. Your name is not visible to others. Other guests only see Guest #. 

When a staff member initiates a chat with you, the chat is private. Other guests cannot see your private conversation. Your staff or faculty member will assist you or bring you into a Virtual Office as soon as it is your turn. Figure 5 illustrates a Virtual Lobby.

Figure 5

Example of a Lobby

Tips for Meeting in the Virtual Office

Before: Upon entering the Virtual Office either from the ConexED Card Chat or from the Virtual Lobby, you will be given a screen to check your audio and video. Take this step to ensure you are ready, and then click the Enter Meeting button. Please refer to the Video Meeting Guide for more information.


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