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ConexED Developer Hub

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Calendar Integrations

Take a closer look at how ConexED integrations with existing calendar systems benefit different institutional departments and students.

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LMS Integrations

LTI integration enables users to access ConexED directly from within their LMS environment, eliminating the need for additional login credentials.

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SSO Integrations

By integrating your institutions Single Sign-On (SSO) with ConexED logging in is easy, and efficient for both staff and students.

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PeopleSoft Integration

Integration of a PeopleSoft SIS with ConexED Student Experience Platform brings several benefits for educational institutions.

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Workday Integration

Integrating ConexED with Workday’s SIS can provide numerous benefits for your educational institution.

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Ellucian Ethos API

By integrating ConexED’s technology suite with Ellucian Ethos API, we can enhance the capabilities and outcomes of both systems.

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SFTP, Flat File Transfer

Streamlines data management, enhances communication and collaboration, enables proactive student support, and facilitates data-driven decision making.

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