Student Dashboard - ConexED Case Management

When Case Management is set up and enabled on your ConexED platform, students will see a Dashboard upon logging in. 


The Dashboard on the ConexED homepage displays the student’s milestone progress, upcoming appointments, and User Panel for interacting with staff and milestones. Figure 1 illustrates the Dashboard with the Student Support Center on the left-side User Panel, the Milestone Progress mountain and Milestone Due Dates in the middle, and Today’s Appointments on the right.

Figure 1

Student Dashboard in ConexED

Student Support Center

The Student Support Center on the User Panel includes the following tools: 1) Dashboard, 2) Milestones, 3) Support Network, and 4) Notifications.


This button returns the user to the Dashboard after navigating away from the Dashboard.


On the Milestones page as illustrated in Figure 2, students can access the descriptions and due dates for their milestones, view submitted completion requests, submit milestone completion requests, and discuss the milestone with an advisor. The “Discuss this milestone with an advisor” button takes the student to their Support Network where their support network’s ConexED Cards are located. Figure 2 Milestones Tools for Students

Support Network

The Support Network as illustrated in Figure 3 is where students access staff. The first option is to see all assigned support staff. The next buttons are to display only a single staff person or group. The last button displays the full Student Support Directory, which includes their assigned staff members or teams along with all other staff members and groups across campus. Each staff member has a ConexED Card for connecting with students. The Cards feature the Knock on Door chat tool, the Schedule Meeting button that opens the scheduler, and the Send Offline Message button for sending an email to the staff member. Since these buttons are customizable, so the button labels may be different than those illustrated in Figure 3. 


On the Notifications page as illustrated in Figure 4, students can access the messages they have received from members of their support network and send replies to those notifications.

Figure 4

Milestone Notifications

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